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Intuitively create rituals that will nourish your soul and clear your mind with this 55-card oracle deck for the modern goddess--each card depicting an essential self-care practice.

Created to connect women to their intuition and deepen their self-care practice, this whimsically illustrated deck invites readers to ask- What do I need to feel centered and balanced today? How can I connect with my body's intuition? If I only have a short time for me this week, how should I spend it?

From clearing your energy fields, connecting with crystals, and burning bowl rituals, to time with friends, taking a bath, or simply indulging in a sweet treat, this deck contains both ancient wisdom and practical guidance for the modern spiritual seeker. Each reading reveals approachable and actionable messages for anyone in search of calm amid the storm of their hectic lives.


Whether you divine meaning from the cards alone or consult the in- depth guidebook for clarity, this powerful healing tool gives the reader permission to place self-care at the top of their to-do list.


The Sacred self care Oracle cards

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