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After investing significant time and money on my own devlopment over the years, I have put together this guide using that background and my own experience developing my gift as a Psychic Medium. I talk about tools or ways that have personally helped my development incase they also help others like yourself. I have done this to help other further their journey and to bring more love and light into the world!


This guide will help you develop your intuition further or even as a starting basis on your spiritual journey. It touches on:  ethics, what are the "clairs" or senses that work with spirit, a guide to meditation and being mindful, symbols - what are they and how can they help you on your spiritual journey. It is also complete with activities to assist you in developing your intuition further. I also talk about what the steps are once you are ready to start doing readings, what process is involved and what information you need to ask spirit,to validate who they are for your client. 

Mediumship Development Guide

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