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For anybody that is thinking about going to see a Medium then Soul Whisperer Kate is the person to see. She is so lovely and really made me feel comfortable and calm. The messages that she bought me made me feel closer to my loved ones that have passed. Thank you Kate for the wonderful experience.

Robyn M

Kate, while softly spoken is pretty well on the money with her info. She doesnt try and make things fit but also if she is sure about a message she will keep asking for more from the other side to validate further. Reasonably priced. Thank you Soul Whisperer Kate, my reading was spot on!

Becks Maher

Kate was very accurate! l held back a bit but she said enough to make me and my sister in law realise it was definitely my dad coming through. I had a tear in my eye and a great afternoon at the live mediumship show. Thank you so much and I will see you again soon!

Debby Ann

I had a beautiful reading today from a lovely person. Kate was accurate with everything she brought forward from my ad that only I would know. With this giving me some lovely messages that we didnt get time to share. Thank you Kate!

Carlie Appleton

I recently had the pleasure of having a Psychic Medium reading with Kate. It was an extremely beautiful and emotional experience. We recently had a couple of family members pass over and one came through.  The details were phenomenal and comforting. Kate makes you feel so at ease and interprets the messages so beautifully. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Kate.

Helene Petschak

Kate was my first time seeing a Psychic Medium. She was absolutely amazing. She was friendly and really thorough. Would definately recommend!

Jordan Withey

Kate did a reading for me a couple of Sunday's ago and it blew me away with what came through from my Mum who passed away last year, in fact Mum was chomping at the bit to talk. I'd thoroughly recommend Kate to reunite you with loved ones. Kate also mentioned a new baby in my family in my reading and I have literally just found out that my nephew and wife are expecting their second baby when Kate had said - September! Thank you Kate.

Robyn McPhee

I thought I would throw a bit of a curve ball with an intention to connect with someone I had never met in live - but one that has connection with my family. I am sitting here an hour after our session still absolutely mind blown by the things that came up. Kate has a real gift and I think I will be reeling for days with the amazing information I have been given. Thank you Kate!

Cat Irvine

Kate gave me a reading and it was very accurate aswell as emotional. I received confirmation that my mum is with me, it was very uplifting. Thank you

Jenny Gray

Kate told me things that no one would know, Kate was very accurate. I would recommend her and would definately go back again to see her.

Susan A

My reading was spot on and very accurate. I am happy with my decision. I was skeptical but the reading answered a lot of the questions I had. My reading really set my mind at ease. I highly recommend Soul Whisperer Kate. Thank you so much.

Amber Lee

I had a brief reading with Kate at a recent market. I was amazed at how quickly she connected with a loved one and how accurate she was. She gave me information that really helped me after the loss and some of the things she said were only known to me and that person. Kate is a very special person! Thank you!


I was blown away by how accurate my reading was. Kate touched on so many things that no one could possibly know - in a kind and loving way. Many thanks for my reading, it was the highlight of my week.

Evie Kubler

Thanks Kate for the great reading, so accurate and surprisingly the best thing was that it had my mum and I talking about forgotten things. An amazing, talented woman. Thanks again

Kathy L

I sent Kate a photo of a loved one who has passed. Kate sent me a reading which contained so much information that was relevant and valid, I was amazed!  She obviously has a very special gift and I will be getting another reading with Kate in the future. Thank you!

Bek Hannaford

I had a psychic party in June with Kate and we all found the experience really fun. There were 5 of us and most of us had spot on readings and were quite impressed / amazed with the details provided. I would see Kate again and would recommend her!


Wow I have no words for just how accurate my reading with Kate was. I am feeling such incredible comfort now! She has such an amazing gift. Thank you so much!

Kiesten Achurch

Amazing accurate and beautiful. Thank you for this! highly recommend. 


Kate did a reading for me, she bought through my loved ones in spirit providing evidence of how they were in life and ongoing evidence of them being around me now. It was such a comforting thing. I would recommend her!

Roleen M

Kate has a beautiful way of connecting you with your passed loved one. She blew me away with the accuracy of her evidence. I will definitely seek readings from Kate again in the future. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world. 


I am so surprised at how accurate Kate was with no given information! I feel very content with the kind words and messages she had to pass on from a loved one, it was the nicest feeling of reassurance. I would highly recommend Kate for that message of guidance to brighten your day. 


I would definitely recommend Kate and already have. She has such a beautiful soul. 

Emma Cameron

I would highly recommend Kate! It was crazy how accurate she was. I was so impressed with her reading, she knew so much and gave me so much. She knew months, birthdays and names! I honestly feel more at peace with life and reassured with the universe outcomes. Thanks Kate!

Sarah M

I received my reading from Kate and blown away by her accurace, I felt really comforted by her messages. 


I had a reading from Kate a few months ago! Very accurate, thoroughly enjoyed what she got through for me! Would definately recommend. Thanks Kate


Kate recently completed a reading for me! She was very intuitive and had some really insightful messages for me and my family. Thank you Kate!


A beautiful, caring soul with a wonderful gift. I received some quite mind blowing validations - amazingly accurate reading. Thoroughly recommend Kate. 

Brodie Seals

Kate is immediately welcoming and helps you feel comfortable from the start. She explains clearly what to expect from your session before beginning. Kate gave accurate information about the people who came through, it was clear in my mind who she was speaking to, I had no doubt. The information was spot on!  If I was unsure about something, Kate would get more information until I understood. The session really meant a lot to me. It answered some questions I had in my mind for a long time. Thank you so much Kate. 


Linda held a Psychic party for 4 ladies which gave each lady a 30 minute reading in the privacy of her home. Each lady acknowledged that Kate has accurately connect ed with loved ones passed on. Kate is very respected of her ability and has genuine desire to help people. 


Thank you so much for my reading last Sunday at the Chakra Angel Psychic fair. You were spot on with my reading! You are truly gifted. Thank you! 


Kate was amazingly accurate with my reading, things no one else knew about my mum. I highly recommend Kate, she is down to earth and made me comfortable right from the beginning, explaining as she went. Thank you Kate, 5 out of 5.

Debbie S

Absolutely beautiful reading. Kate is incredibly accurate and connected with my parents. It was very comforting. Thanks Kate!


Everything Kate said during my reading was spot on. She connected with a loved one who passed and I was blown away with everything i received. Thank you and I will book with you again. 

Chris F

What an incredible experience! Thank you Kate for connecting me with a loved one. Your accuracy was unbelievable, you were able to pinpoint things that no one else would have known. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend you. 

Tammy W

Absolutely amazing! Kate is the real deal. 

Bronwyn K

Amazing! So much information I wasn't expecting!


I went to see Kate for clarity on my career and she bought it up without being prompted. The information that she knew was amazing and talking about my loved ones who have passed were spot on. Some information she gave me didn't resonate at the time until I called my mum right after. And now it all makes sense. So amazing!


I had a reading with Kate last week and she gave me validation that she was connecting with my loved ones. Kate was very gentle and so easy to chat with. Kate is very friendly and it felt like we were just having a chat.  Kate was accurate with what came through and it was very special to get the messages from family who have passed. It gave lovely reassurance to me and I felt happy afterwards. I would definitely recommend Kate if you are thinking of seeing a psychic medium.


Thank you Kate for such a beautiful and accurate reading. It really made my day meeting you and connecting with my loved ones that came through :)  I will be recommending you to all my friends. You have an amazing gift thank you for blessing the world with it!


Please also feel free to refer to my Google Business profile which has even more on there from past clients.

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